Eastman Services


Eastman provides live, real-time, remote IT management and support services over private or public data access connections. Eastman manages and monitors the client's entire IT infrastructure right from its location. Eastman manages the client's WAN (Wide Area Network), LAN (Local Area Network), VPN (Virtual Private Network), RAN (Remote Access Network), most IT equipment and devices, servers, printers, and end user PCs remotely from its location. Eastman also provides top-notch IT support services. When an IT-related help is needed, Eastman is simply a mouse click away. Eastman is there with the client already working on the problem and solving the problem, faster than any in-house IT support staff dispatched and working on foot. 

Eastman provides "comprehensive"  IT management and support services for the client. The client benefits from receiving some or all of the following IT services:

IT Infrastructure Management

Network Monitoring

Network Administration

Data Backup Services

Email Archiving Services

License / Asset Management

Disaster Recovery

Procurement Services

For more detailed information on how Eastman provides the best IT management and supports services possible tailored for the client, please contact us.