Eastman's servers are housed in a high-performance SSAE 16-certified Telex facility with full power and network redundancies. Located at 100 Delawana Avenue in Clifton, NJ 07014, across the Hudson River and just 11 miles from major firms in Midtown, NYC, the datacenter is 24x7 security-guarded and no access is allowed without the proper clearance
and at least 24 hour advance notice.

The datacenter is equipped with the following security features:

Access Control
Security is enforced through the use of strict entrance control procedures. The datacenter's key security features include: Card access control at all secure areas/doors; Surveillance cameras at strategic locations, full interior and exterior coverage; 24x7 security personnel; 24x7 corporate security surveillance

Power Supply
The data center maintains a completely redundant power management system through the use of multiple Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and diesel generator systems. The datacenter's key power supply features include: dedicated fuel system designed and deployed to sustain continuous operation at full design load for 24 hours; UPS battery backup systems are primary with 30% additional for redundant circuits, designed and deployed to carry full design load for 15 minutes; Dual power supply provided to each hardware rack; A single point grounding system.

Fire Suppression
The datacenter is equipped with redundant fire suppression systems consisting of smoke and heat sensors that trigger automatic fire department notification as well as fire suppression equipment. The datacenter's key fire suppression features include: A multi-zone smoke and fire detection system; A dual action dry pipe sprinkler system that fills up but will not release water until the tip of the sprinkler is burned; Floors and ceiling made of concrete to enable the isolation of fires; Numerous fire extinguishers situated throughout the facility.

Climate Control
The datacenter's climate control system has multiple air conditioning units to ensure proper heat dissipation. In the unlikely event that one system should fail, the other units are able to assume the full load of cooling the equipment. The datacenter's key climate control features include:  Redundant computer room type air conditioning is provided by four Liberty air conditioners; Units are on essential power to ensure proper environmental conditions are maintained in the event of a utility power failure; 24x7 monitoring of room temperature, diesel systems, and rectifiers by Systems Operations Centre (SOC) personnel; 24x7 on-call Property Services group to address abnormal environmental conditions; and 24x7 on-call personnel to address abnormal diesel system and power conditions

The datacenter is equipped with the following network capacity:

The following premium ISPs (internet service providers) provide a high-speed, WAN and Internet services with 99.999% up time guarantee:

The Level(3) digital fiber-optic network is one of the most extensive and complex data distribution grids in the world. Engineered for stability and efficiency, Level(3)'s bandwidth architecture spreads over 20,000 miles throughout the
U.S. and Europe. Multi-conduit construction allows the network to be constantly upgraded with the latest technologies, ensuring that the services you receive are always the best available. Peering with other Tier-1 providers means that the transmission of data to the end user takes the shortest route, providing the fastest and most stable connection possible.

AboveNet, Inc.
provides fiber optical connectivity solutions for business and carriers. Its private optical network delivers key network and IP services in and among 15 top U.S. metro markets and London. AboveNet's network is widely used in demanding markets such as financial services, media, health care, retail and government. AboveNet's vision is to be the premier provider of fiber connectivity solutions for customers who desire a private, flexible and scalable transport infrastructure

wholly owned and operated nationwide network offers connectivity to all of the major interconnection cities around the US. Virtual Circuit (Layer 2) Transport solutions that allow their clients to build their own backbone, providing direct access to peering points that improve performance while reducing internet service costs. From its national backbone network, BandCon offers IP Transit, Transport, CDN, Peering and Co-location services that are unmatched in terms of flexibility and scalability