Eastman Services


Eastman Systems Consulting Inc. ("Eastman") provides IT management and support services on a fixed-term, contract basis only. Eastman utilizes best of its expertise and resources to maintain a "worry-free" IT environment at the client location. Eastman works as the client's IT manager. Eastman takes charge and runs the client's IT infrastructure. Eastman best advises the client regarding the IT-related issues. Eastman represents the client and deals with the third-party IT service providers and vendors on behalf of and for the best interest of the client.

Eastman provides "comprehensive"  IT management and support services for the client. The client benefits from receiving some or all of the following IT services:

IT Infrastructure Management

Network Monitoring

Network Administration

Data Backup Services

Email Archiving Services

License / Asset Management

Disaster Recovery

Procurement Services

For more detailed information on how Eastman provides the best IT management and supports services possible tailored for the client, please contact us.